We Are What We Repeatedly Do Every Day

Hey Guys

I'm a firm believer that we learn something new every day especially if you are observant to everything that physically surrounds you. Everything is a learning opportunity so this is going to be a short blog daily about something I learned today which can help you and I live a better positive healthy life.

Todays Lesson

“We are what we repeatedly do every day, therefore excellence is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle. The power of this quote is what I learned today, we are constantly what we do, it is our continuous action that shapes our destiny. If you say I’m going to do this and do that in a few years but yet don’t commit the desired action it takes to complete the task’s then your chances will be slim. So today set down the first step’s it needs to do what you want to do. Want to lose weight, ask yourself how much and what can you honestly do to achieve it. Want to find your passion, ask yourself what could you do to truly help people and what would make me happy in the process. The first step could be as simple as just asking a question.

Stay Healthy

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