The Truth About The Work You Do

Hey Guys #12 17/10/15

I'm a firm believer that we learn something new every day especially if you are observant to everything that physically surrounds you. Everything is a learning opportunity so this is going to be a short blog daily about some incredible life lesson which I learned today which can help you and I live a better positive healthy life.

Today’s incredible lesson is all about work… I know.. I know, it’s the weekend let’s forget about work and this may not be a topic which you want to read, especially if you have just finished along shift yourself. Well today I am hoping to lay some interesting facts about work and why you should start doing work that rewards you and satisfies your creativity. Guy’s did you know that 80% of people are dissatisfied with what they do and that the average person will spend 90’000 hours of their life at work. Wow seriously, just those two facts alone shock me into building a life of an incredible rewarding magnitude.

10,000   workers per year drop dead at their desk’s as a result of 60-70 hour work weeks in Japan. This phenomenon is known as “karoshi”. Wow at which point do we sacrifice our own lives for a job? When does the requirement of an office job become more valuable than the existence of you?

Find work which inspires you to work hard. Find work which inspires you as a human being. Find a job by looking deep inside you at what makes you happy and what you can help people with. Working hard on yourself will bring you rewards but working hard for other people will bring them their life rewards. Work to live is a reality for some but I believe in a different approach which is work to inspire and live a life through your own existence and be as happy as you have ever being.

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