Take A Chance (What Might Happen)

Hey Guys

I'm a firm believer that we learn something new every day especially if you are observant to everything that physically surrounds you. Everything is a learning opportunity so this is going to be a short blog daily about something I learned today which can help you and I live a better positive healthy life.

Todays Lesson

Today Guys I learned about Chances.. The Chris Gardner story (Pursuit of Happiness) is a powerful story of how one man managed to go from homeless to millionaire. How does a man with so little manage to achieve so much? Well guy’s The lesson I learned was that he never began with little. If you see a homeless man or woman or anyone you believewho has less than you, then automatically you believe to be better in a sense of opportunity, but that’s not true, you both have the same opportunity to become successful.  He had everything he ever needed to become successful even while he was homeless. His own internal drive and self worth is more valuable than any money or material items anyone possesses. He created his own chances through his own sheer persistence to achieve an incredible life for him and his son. Take pride in the fact that you and Chris Gardner have the same amount of hours in the day to accomplish something great.

I believe in chance’s and I believe I’m taking mine, hope you do to.

Stay Healthy Guys

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