The 4 Stages To Perfect Vitality

I'm a firm believer that we learn something new every day especially if you are observant to everything that physically surrounds you. Everything is a learning opportunity so this is going to be a short blog daily about some incredible life lesson which I learned today which can help you and I live a better positive healthy life.

Todays Lesson

Today’s lesson is all about vitality… After watching a quick documentary highlighting the 4 stages to having perfect vitality, when these 4 stages are in line your health is in a line, these are Diet (eating earth grown nutrients) , Exercise (Moving your body), Sleep (getting regular sleep) and Mindset (Living a spirituality positive life ). Interesting never the less, but what if there are more to living life with a perfect vitality, it’s a very vague over view of what millions of people struggle to do every day. There must be more to having perfect vitality. What about following your destiny? Really carving out your own path in life and living a life with purpose. We are all on a mission to live a great life, but must live it together and be happy together (Relationship Health). Because a great life isn’t great if it is not shared with others, Do what makes you happy and what you know will benefit other people if you do that.

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