The War On Consciousness

Consciousness is a choice, Consciousness is a journey

We are all consciousness, Consciousness is everything, Consciousness is the meaning behind all life. The consciousness inside us guides us, shapes our environment our actions and reactions and is a journey into your own personal expansion. Consciousness is the force that is the process of creating the illusion of motion and shape change in our bodies. We are consciousness. Whether we fully believe, understand or achieve it.  This essence that is our guide, allows us to program our reality of the world and the calculations of the mind.

It's no quidence that you and many other people are thinking out of the box, Educating yourself. It's all part of this collective conciseness. A collective movement that maybe we all cannot see yet. But will realise down the line that everything you have been doing was for a bigger reason. There's no coincidence that something deep inside me is telling me to keep pushing forward and create a positive impact on every aspect of life and Us as a collective, that every positive action we are now taken is happening. It might sound. Lardy da to people but it's true. It's not coincidence that a huge movement has started and a war on consciousness is under way. I feel that it come downs to the inner self of concesionuess that's in us all that guides us. Shaping our environment, shaping our action and reactions. 

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Here is Graham Hancocks BANNED Re-uploaded Ted Talk, as TED have decided to censor Graham and removed this video from the TEDx youtube channel. 


if you’ve read this far, realize there are no accidents. If you, even in the slightest believe In what i am saying Please Share It With Your Friends, And You Never Know It Might Just Change Somebody Else's Life.

We are all Consciousness Warriors + PEACE

Your Friend Dan 


Dan Harrison. Host of the Ascend Podcast, The more I know, the more I don't know. But every day I ask questions and search for Truth.....  we are all just visitors to this beautiful planet. Read more....