Be The Doctor Of Your Own Body

Let’s start with this. this post is not for every one, only for someone committed to becoming the best healthist version of themselves at what they do so they can inspire others. They’re striving to make a difference in their life, and the lives of those around them. Someone who takes control of their own body, and doesn’t always like to play by the rules. They like to shake things up a bit, and they are all about designing their own optimal design of health vs. taking what’s given, or what evey one else is eating. They really value having a powerful basis of real health, a strong mindset, and never want to stress about the things that dont matter in life. EVER. This definitely isn’t for the average person, who is satisfied with mediocrity and doesn’t give a second thought about what foods they are putting in there mouth. 

1st I Must Offer You A Choice Of Eating This Red Apple

If you don't eat this Red apple the story ends and you go back to your current life. You continue  eating the same Junk foods your family and friends are eating, and nothing changes. Tomorrow will be like today (Stop Reading this now and continue your life).

Or, you can eat the Red apple, and I’ll show you how to be the doctor of your own body and become more in-tune with your body and start crushing your health. You will learn how to treat your body the way it should be treated. (continue reading).

Crunch. Red apple. Swallow. Your life will never be the same.


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food Hippocrate "


In order To be healthy, full of energy and most importantly give your body the best chance in avoiding having bad health and diseases you need to be the doctor of your own body. You hold the cards stop eating the normal rubbish, do your research its not hard. By now you might know a lot of which foods are good and which are not, or you might just be on the path to learning, whatever stage you are at you still know more needs to be done and know you can be even better with you nutrition. But the underline thing is many do not eat a diet in touch with there own body, your body needs foods that aren’t chemically manufactured, filled with preservatives or artificial rubbish. Take more responsibility and take charge of your diet. I have a little motto I live by,” if it has not swam, ran or come from the ground don’t eat ”. In this article I am really going to give the platform, knowledge and direction so that you can be the doctor of your own body.

We are biological machines developed to thrive optimally in the environment in which we live. We are the result of slow and steady adaptation, just like Darwin’s famous finches. Understanding this basic premise, the conclusion follows that the best sources of nutrition would also come from the natural environment, as we have evolved to best utilize available food sources. Put in another way, humans thrive when eating and drinking Earth Grown Nutrients. 


One of the things people don't understand and don't here commonly touted by those opposed to nutritional supplementation is “If you eat a good diet you don’t need supplements?”. It surprises them when i agree. The key word in that claim, however, is a NEED. Need indicates a basic necessity for survival. When I was a child, I tried to convince my parents that I could survive on butter crackers and orange juice. Horrified that I may actually try to do this, they told me that I couldn’t live on the before mentioned food. I was a persistent logician and after assuring them this was a hypothetical scenario, they relented, agreeing that I could survive for quite some time on OJ and B crackers. So the crunch of the matter isn’t mere “survival”, it is how you will feel, how will you perform, and for how long can you keep the “party” going.

When people ask “what supplements should I use”, “isn’t eating a healthy diet good enough?”. The question is already loaded, you don’t need supplements. If you want your brain to perform at the peak of its potential, the nutrients in food alone can and will help get you there. If you want to achieve your goals in our highly competitive and demanding world, it is a huge assistance to perform at your best. Think about when you feel physically vibrant, at a full 100%. Is your work product not better? Are you not more attractive to others? Do you not take more chances? This is the reason for striving to be the doctor of your own body.

 Malcolm Gladwell wrote a great book called “The Tipping Point”. The Shishi Odoshi fountain is a great illustration for the metaphor he refers to. The water fills up a bamboo tube which remains perfectly still… Until that one drop of water causes the bamboo to tip, spilling the water before returning upright to start again. Work, art, or performance that goes above and beyond your normal circumstances often just need a little push to spill out into your life. BEING THE DOCTOR OF YOUR OWN BODY are those extra drops in your Shishi Odoshi fountain.

The Problem

With almost every diet plan the creator of the diet believes it is the best diet for any person, in any situation, at any time. In our life cycles, we have vastly different needs that are best met by a variety of diets. However, in every single diet plan, there is one big thing they all have in common, Earth Grown Nutrients. Another key point is to stop saying you're on a diet, eating healthy is not a diet its a lifestyle, a way you need to eat to get the most out of your body and mind so that it can function properly and ultimately give you a higher chance of avoiding bad health.

Earth Grown Nutrients

Are not foods that have a hundred ingredients or have gone through many different processes just to get to your plate.

So what exactly are earth grown nutrients? Simply put, they’re things that are grown naturally. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Eating earth grown nutrients also means that you don’t have to eliminate anything like some other fad diets require. You don’t have to eliminate carbs, gluten, meat, or sugar. You just have to eat the right things. If you’re unsure, flip over the packaging in the grocery store or supermarket. If you see anything on the list of ingredients that isn’t earth grown or something that sounds like a chemical, it’s best to set it back down and look for something else. Earth grown nutrients are a combination of the worlds healthiest natural foods, a varied diet of earth grown nutrients is key to optimal health.

Don't Count Calories 

Often you will see people trying to count calories, points or whatever other fad diets are out there. Follow a pretty simple principle:  Eat only foods that are earth grown. The result will be very efficient digestion that will allow your body to focus on other allocations of resources. Is this a diet that I would want to subscribe to forever? Not me, its a lifelyle not a diet, With a fundamental basis of Earth Grown Nutrients there are times where tilting the input one way or another will produce a more desired output.

A Person's Diet Reflects Many Aspects of Who You Are

It's just so lazy to not be aware of what you are putting in your mouth. A person who looks good, feels good and most importantly is healthy needs a varied diet. Nutrient dense foods are often sacrificed when people restrict calories.  Things like grass-fed butter, fatty pasture raised meat, and organs have the highest nutrient content of any food.  They’re also high in calories, which is why misinformed calorie-fearing people avoid them. Without proper nutrients, your body won’t efficiently burn fat or build muscle. Eat nutrient dense foods and ignore the calories.

It’s Food Quality and Composition That Matter, Not volume. 

Choosing to eat real food allows you to maintain muscle mass, lose fat, avoid disease, and delay aging. Depending on how well you choose to adhere to the right choices, it can be all you need to maintain an optimal Body and mind. Most of your body composition is determined by what you eat (and what you don’t eat!). Exercise can make up for a poor diet to some degree, but you’ll be fighting yourself the entire way. Which would you rather do: overstress your body by running marathons as a way to counter your bad diet, or eat more healthy foods?

The Main Take AWAY:

The key point to take out of this post is with a fundamental basis of your eating Earth Grown Nutrients and there is one thing for sure, one way or another you will produce a more desired output, have more energy and most importantly will help you generate your optimal result of having great health.

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