How To Manifest Success Before Fear

Manifesting success before fear is crucial to developing a successful mindset. Fear can have a very strong hold on an individual. Fear can stop people believing in themselves and in turn stop people from taking action. So put it on yourself to manifest success into your mindset instead of fear and in order to do that you must first understand what the worse possible case scenario is. Seriously what is the worst thing that can happen before you undertake your venture? Now it’s time to face you fear. Write out you biggest fear and worst case scenario.


Now after writing out your biggest fear and worst case scenario you have taken away its power over you. You have taken away the unknown mystery that built up the fear within. It no longer has a connection to you. Now write next to worst case scenario what you can do to prevent this and what steps you are going to take that this doesn’t happen.


Now that you have understood the worst possible outcome and what it takes to avoid it. It’s time to build a success mindset that will push you on to succeed in your venture.  Create 2 column’s, in one column write as many reasons you can think of why you need to do this and what the best possible outcomes could be. This gives you a reflection of what possibly lies ahead and what the amazing benefits are going to happen if you go through with your venture.

The next column is how this will impact my life in 5 years time. Along with the possibilities of the short term benefits of what will happen, it’s just as beneficial and maybe more so to see the long term results. Long term visions show you a preview on what there is to come. You will be amazed with what can happen with 5 years. The long term visions are going to give you motivation to keep continuing on your plan and to know that what you want to do will have a long lasting impact on you for years to come.


Stand up and change for you. Don’t let fear hold you back from taking charge of who you are and what you want to do.


Hopefully this works for you everyone as it did for me. I wrote this out before I started Beastified now I am here. Believe in you and demand change.


What do you want to have in life? Tell us and let us know.


Your friend Chris.