Take Your Training Outdoors, Just Getting It Done Anywhere, Anytime

Training outdoors is great for the fresh air, Vitamin D boost, improving your fitness and clearing your mind. The big positive in enjoying training outside is just getting it done, where you want and when you want. All of my favorite unconventional training places are out in the great outdoors. I love the benefits of outdoor workouts, because you are not tied to a particular dimension of space. If you are going to train outside and it is cold or wet, make sure you perform a proper warm up to stretch your muscles. After an outdoor workout make sure that you put on warm, dry clothes..! Many People join a gym with the intention of getting the most out of their memberships, but most stop going to the gym regularly before their contracts expire. So why not try something different this time around and train outdoors.


Ready to build real functional strength and conditioning? Then it’s time to head outdoors! I love the benefits of outdoor workouts because you are not tied to a particular dimension of space. In most gyms you have to deal with artificial lighting and air conditioning, but when you train outdoors, you can do your exercises in the fresh air while getting your vitamin D from direct sunlight.

With outdoor workouts you have to deal with different conditions, such as rain, wind, heat, and cold. These conditions can actually en- hance the benefits of your workout by subject- ing you to the “realistic” situations in which you might apply your functional strength and performance. Rather than a cozy and ideal environment, you’ll need to deal with the changing demands of the outdoors which will make you uncomfortable (just like real life).

Weather isn’t the only consideration when training outdoors, you also have to deal with different and uneven surfaces, ensuring that your body has to work harder to stabilize each movement. Every step you take is like hitting the “reset button” on your body; there will be no “just easy flow” through your set when you’re outside! Again, what more functional benefit can you hope for your training than to allow you to perform on less-than-perfect surfaces?


Not surprisingly, training outside provides your body with more oxygen; something that will help you get through your endurance drills at a higher performance level. Rather than breathing in the toxins that may have built up in your well-insulated home, each breath you take will give you the oxygen you need to perform. Better yet, you will “feel” the difference in the open environment on a mental level, allowing you to push your limits (just like your limitless surroundings as compared to the indoors).


Here are 5 of my top training sessions and tips for outdoors. 


1. Strength Circuit Plan out a circuit in your local park using playground equipment and local “furniture”. Try pull ups on the monkey bars and box jumps over or on the park bench, reps on a set of steps, intervals on a short hill, core work and lunges in a flat corner, toes to bars, hangs on a playground climbing frame, press ups, burppess and sit ups. 


2. Weight training

Easily transportable, these pieces of kit enhance your workout and save your gym membership. They can be used in all weather, anywhere. I always grab as many opportunities as possible and take my equipment outside in my training sessions outdoors and see great results. Myfavorites are barbell, Kettlebells or hex Dumbbells, and Resistance Bands.


3. Run. Focus this training session on increasing your speed at every other landmark, such as a tree or a lamp post, and alternating sprints with recovery.


4. Run. find a trail, and just enjoy the views and let your mind just flow and enjoy the trail, half mile, 1 mile or 5 mile whatever is suitable for you.


5. Get Competitive Invite friends along as outdoor training motivation. Increase your pace, overtake them, maintain the same pace, set your friend off before you and try and see if you can catch up to them. Time your workouts or see who can lift the most weight.


(picture above) Is getting it done in a farmers field near my dads house :)

Before any session, take the time to have an effective warm up as it reduces the risk of injury and can help your muscles get fired up. Most importantly, have fun.

Below I have put down 3 of my own outdoor workouts, give them a try and let us know how you got on. I would love to hear how it went for you.

Workout 1: NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED. Put 5mins on a timer and perform as many rounds and reps as possible of run 200 yards, perform 5 pups 5 press ups 5 air squats

Workout 2: One Barbell. Start a timer from zero and Perform on 1st min perform 1 clean ND jerk, 2nd minute 2 clean & jerks, 3rd minute perform 3 clean & jerks, and so on until you run out of time before the next minute mark.


Workout 3: NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED. Find a hill and perform 5 rounds of 20 sit ups and 1 hill run.

Give one of them a try and let us know how you got on, would love to hear how it went for you. Discuss with other people and find out how they did in the comments below.

Your Friend Dan