Top 5 Mind Hacks On How To Program Your Brain For A Workout!

This article is for the people who struggle to go to the gym every day. I know there are a lot of people out there who do. I need to tell you that for a long while even I used to struggle to go to the Gym. Every day the gym felt like a chore, every day I would get the feeling that I was going off to a long tiring workout after a hour long drive getting back home from work. I always felt like just going home and spending that time relaxing would be more beneficial yet during the workout when I could feel the body working it always made me feel incredible, so after the longest time thinking and pondering on how to better my enjoyment for the gym here are 5 mind hacks that helped get me motivated for my workout.

  • Focus On Having A Weekly Routine - Already having your weekly training and exercise routine planned and organised will mentally empower you to complete it. Working within a knowing of what to work on will make you more likely to accomplish the task. Plan the routine around your goals of what you want to achieve in health and fitness. Do exercise’s which stimulate your sense’s if you love running add more running, same goes for any particular exercise which you enjoy doing. To start off with don’t focus on making your workout’s to exhilarating as well, mold yourself to enjoy your exercise and the more fitter and stronger you become the more your intensity levels will increase.

  • Power Of Now! – A phrase from Eckhart Tolle which has stuck in my head for a while. Focus on being present in the moment. Really look at yourself and think what is best right now? Do I need to go to the gym? Do I need to feel great? In nearly every case the answer is yes. You need to feel incredible. You need to move that body. You need to keep asking yourself what you need to do, not what you want to do.


  • Focus Solely On Your Workout – Focus solely on your workout and completely overwhelming your mind with thoughts of your workout, so much so that you are looking forward to it, you have thought of it for that long that you mind no longer wants to just go home and watch TV it wants to experience what it has been feeling all day with this in mind you know exactly what you need to do and how to complete it.


  • Change Your Music – Something simple like changing your music can really impact your workout mood. When planning on going the gym program your music to inspiring melodies which entice the body to move and workout. You want to feel engaged into working out music can be very influential on what mood we take when working out.

  • Demand More Of Yourself – Demanding more of your self is completely essential when it comes to preparing yourself for a workout. Take into account that your body deserves the best sort of treatment when it comes to health. Your body deserves to feel good from the release of endorphin's after a workout. Your body deserves more than what you ask of it, it is a highly tuned machine capable of incredible feats don’t waste it sitting at a desk doing a 9-5 only to go home and relax some more take action. Also monitor what you say to yourself, entice your mind to work out by focusing on the positive feelings that will come from the workout.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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