From a lost and misguided mindset to building a fantastic body and lifestyle on my terms

I was confused, lost, weak, had no motivation and low energy.

I remember eating junk foods and for two seconds while the food was on my tongue, my taste buds were overwhelmed. Then here came the crash, 30 minutes later feeling tired, no energy and zero motivation.

I never wanted to experience that feeling again, so I took a massive action and started to educate myself to build the life and body I wished. If you were to tell me 5 years ago I would have been doing yoga everyday I wouldn’t have believed you.


Early life:

Wake up. The alarm goes off. Struggle to roll out of bed.

It was no time for any human to start their day, I sat and got ready, went downstairs staring at the walls while eating my bland cereal that in fact I didn't make myself, my mother made, as if she had not made it I wouldn't have eaten at all. That is an example of not a good mindset.

In the shower, I was still half asleep because I had no energy. Putting my clothes on and getting ready for the dreaded day ahead, but all I wanted was to stay in bed and play computer games for the next 12 hours.

This was virtually my life eat junk foods, poor nutrition and no sleep pattern.

My idea of enjoyment was watching x-factor or some other program that was just a mainstream distraction and going out at the weekend drinking alcohol! The funny thing was at that time I didn't like alcohol, I just drank it because everyone else was and it looked cool. The only positive thing, is that I have always enjoyed fitness and played football (soccer) alot. 


The start of my journey and change:

A person who was my best friend and my role model; my grandad, he was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 74, and passed away later that year. At that time people could plunge in different directions, but for me there was an instinctive drive to improve myself on many levels and in a way to make my grandad proud. I started educating myself and started to understand I had the knowledge and understanding to to keep learning about fitness, health and lifestyle. I started going to a local gym, training my body, learning the mechanics of my body and fine tuning my mindset. I drove to work, listening to podcasts, reading up on new information every chance I got, no more time wasted watching TV or spending 12 hours on computer games. No more eating junk food and drinking alcohol. I knew it was time for me to become the master of my own destiny. I listened to videos over again, constantly learning something new every time I clicked play. I knew from that moment, I was never going back to who I was in the past. With two words, “I quit,” and my life was forever altered. I had no plan, only passion and drive. My ambition was to do something that mattered and have an impact on other lives. Thousands of people lead lives of poor nutrition. They have low energy and are unhappy in their jobs, working long, hard hours just to buy things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t know.


Over the next years, I spent time improving my health, body and mindset.

I researched real and healthy foods to introduce to my diet, good fats and more functional training methods. I had proven to myself, I could do this and with my strong will power, never go off track. I aspired to be an inspiration to others. 

Honestly? I felt that I was meant for this moment. Everything seemed to flow right out of me, it came natural to me, I had been holding so much knowledge inside me for years and felt I must make a difference. 

In my past jobs, I was building reputations and being known for my healthy lifestyle. Colleagues would make remarks at the foods I was eating as like myself previously they didn't have the knowledge, as they ate junk food and washed it down with fizzy drink. On several occasions, colleagues at work would approach me and ask questions;

I want to lose weight what should I eat? What style of training would you recommend? And so on. I advised them, which foods to introduce to their diets and what foods to avoid. I feel the best place is to begin with nutrition and foremost small changes to create bigger habbits.

A colleague weeks later came to me and said 'you know them pointers you told me to do? Cutting out bread and replace fizzy pop with water?, Well, I have lost a stone in weight over time and I feel great.' This gave me a positive feeling as my actions and words created a reaction which impacted in a positive way on a person's life. 

I decided that I would do what I was passionate about. It all makes sense on paper, but to actually make a leap, that is scary as hell and something very few would peruse to do. I had something to share and I would share it. The snowball was gaining momentum and I didn’t want gravity to halt that.


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