The Ultimate 6 Clear Reasons On How To Not Care What Other People Think.

All throughout life people will want to impart something of themselves onto you and hope to make an impression on your life. Depending who influences your life this could be a positive outcome, whereas the individual who is giving you advice is good and can be used constructively and in turn can use the knowledge to better themselves. Unfortunately though a lot of individuals come from a background where the advice comes from fear driven individuals, the advice given is usually in the context of "Well, that's a lot of hard work", Or "Wow, that's never going to happen". These bits of advice if taken literally can really stop your project down all together, So here are my top 6 clear reasons to not care what other people may think because this is your life and you live your dream.

1) Know That You Are Doing The Right Thing - When something is special and meaningful to you, and you understand that you need to do this because it is who you are, then you are going to be less likely to be swayed by fear driven individuals who may see fear in you. If you are clear though on knowing that what you're doing Will make you a better person and you have solid viable reasoning to back it up than other people's opinion end up just been views of their own. You know that nobody else's mindset will sway you from yours. Your mindset has built a strong foundation of an understanding your reason's for doing what you are doing.

2) Believe In Yourself - A unbroken belief in yourself and your abilities can hold a huge influence on what other people think. People may see you as arrogant with your new self belief, but only because you have the strong will and character which believes in themselves, not because you believe that you are better than other people but that you believe you can accomplish your goals. Never taking into account any individual reasons for stopping you to achieving your goals. Your belief in yourself will continue to grow when taking action on hand. Understand also that the more you work on yourself the more belief you have in yourself, take action and demand something better from yourself.

3) Have A High Standard Of Morals - Take some time out of your life to set some high standard of morals for yourself. These morals are, what you stand for as an individual. Ask such questions to yourself. What do I believe in? What do I stand for? And give yourself valuable reasons for these answer's. Having a collection of high morals will make you unfavour others opinions as you have a strong set of values of what you demand from life. This will also draw more people to you who share the same morals in life.

4) Understand Others WILL Have Opinions - Understand that others will always have an input in your life whether you like it or not. Hopefully these inputs for you will come from mastermind groups and close supportive friends. Make sure you only take advice from people who will bring value into your life, find yourself a mentor and have that person guide you through times of uncertainty don't let fear minded individuals, make you feel  worried, embrace the change of the future and be free to make your own decisions in life without the worry of fear.

5) Keep Calm, Don't Let Your Emotions Take Control - Even though it's common to feel emotion with something so passionate and special to you. Keep your emotions in check, emotional response's can lead to heated exchanges in defending your passion. Understand that others have their opinions and they will be of course different than yours. Keep your emotional response limited, speak with passion on yourself of course, but don't be drawn into heated exchanges with other people, this will sway you from your true values and will make you feel stressed and agitated. Keep your emotions in check and rise above the situation with a calming sense of power in yourself and your own abilities.


6) Understand The True Reason Behind Your Goal - Reasoning is the foundation to which you won't be swayed by what other people think. You have a mindset built upon yourself, this mindset is strong and holds a number of reason's for why you’re doing what you are doing. Other people only have mindset built out of their own design. They will never see the full workings of your own mind, you may be completely surrounded by people who don't believe in you, but if you have the reasoning to do what you need to do then it's certainly possible.


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You’re Friend Chris.