Top 5 Quick Tips To Relax When Under Stress In 60 Seconds

We have all been placed under certain pressure's and stress's within our life at certain points, these stress's can really cause us a lot of physical and mental strain in the long term. Quickly take charge of your mind and body by keeping your stress's under control by using my 5 quick tips to feel relaxed under stress in 60 seconds.

1) Breath - Simple enough right? Well not really, its hard to focus on your breathing when under a certain pressure or stress. So begin to practice your response to a stress by inhaling through the nose for 5 seconds and instead of exhaling through the nose, exhale through the mouth for 5 seconds. Repeat this process for as many as needed until you get comfortable with the technique. Inhale more oxygen to the body, and then release slowly and calmly as possible, this will bring the body more oxygen and a claming sensation.


2) Stretch - Stretching out tightend muscle's under stress can give you a certain release in built up tension, this doesnt mean you need to botch out a whole yoga routine. Just simple techniques of stretching the arms and fingers to full length by your side and arching your chest out fully can give you a extra breathing sensation, try it.


3) Picture Something Different - Imagine a calming landscape, a place where you feel comfortable being you, imagine your surrounded by people who inspire you, imagine a great sense of calmness over you. Take charge of what you want your mind to visualise to affect your sense's in the moment. One positive image of a comfortable setting can transform your mood instantly.

4) Reach Out To A Friend - Reaching out to a friend when under stress can be a life support for some, friends who are there for one and another can really influence each others mood quickly. Next time under a stressful situation reach out to a friend by phone or even pop over to talk in person. Talking to a friend can really help take the weight of your back, through knowing that somebody is there for you.


5) Understand What You Can Learn From It - When under a stressful scenario, quickly teach yourself what you can learn from this moment. How did this happen? How can I use this experience to avoid a similar accurance in the future? What can I learn that will make me a better person. Understand that experience's happen for a reason, and that reason is to teach us a lesson and to grow from it. We use these moments to become better people in our lives. Next time when in a position of stress quickly write down what you can learn from that experience. It will make you feel great and may even make you respect yourself better for having managed those challenges and grown from the experience.


So there you have it guys, some quick tips that have worked for me when under stressfull situations. I always feel comfortable when applying these tip's especially 1 and 5, so next time, understand that what ever your facing in life dont worry it will pass evrey moment passes eventually. So you might aswell pass it with a smile on your face.