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ladies and gentlemen I’m writing this article because I know that for a long time I was living a life that was not mine and for a long period of my life I was caught in limbo with what my family and friends wanted from me and from what society in general expected from me. What I didn’t know though is what I wanted for me, who was it that I wanted to be and what would make me proud when looking in the mirror. These questions were never answered until I followed the path of my own physical and mental health. I have always been fascinated with health and now study everyday on my own health and improving the health of others. But before I followed this journey I was disgusted with how I felt and the way I looked. I was tired and lost in a world playing video games day after day eventually feeling disappointed of who I was and how I looked, I felt disgusted in myself that I didn’t live up to society’s perfect image of muscular, slim, toned and athletic look. Well in the end I learnt that was all crap and what really matters is my own physical health and how I viewed my life and not what anybody else thinks. So without further to do here is the guide on how to feel amazing with whom you are.

  • Does Perfect Exist?

Who is perfect? What is perfect? Does the idea of a perfect human being exist? Well the answer’s lye in the perception of how you and others view yourself.  No one is perfect physically we all have flaws which we see in ourselves and which others see in themselves. But what can be perfect is your visual perception of how you see others and the world around you. I’m not saying be blind to reality but value and appreciate life. Life is amazing, we should all feel blessed to be here and are all together on a journey of self discovery to find who we are and what service can we offer in this world.

  • Embrace The Fact You’re Not Perfect! It’s a Blessing not a curse.

Don’t feel disheartened that you are not perfect, in fact embrace the fact you’re not perfect. Never feel undervalued for who you are, you are an incredible human being whose body works in such a unique way that you and every single person on earth are different in millions of ways. In fact when you understand that you’re not perfect and never will be physically. Then you are close to being perfect mentally and you can understand that fear doesn’t have a hold over your perception of yourself and you can become proud of the person you are and when you become proud of you then you have the power to make everlasting changes in your life and others around you.  

  • How Society Makes Money Of The Way You See Yourself

When I say society I mean businesses and people who are under the spell of marketing ploys to look perfect.  So practically the health and fitness industry, the diet industry, the cosmetics industry, the fashion industry and all others who financially profit from how physically individuals looks. So society portrays perfect as this physically daunting incredible body which attracts the opposite sex. (Basically saying sex sells.) This then makes people crave this body for themselves and through this becomes the marketing ploy with the sole intention to sell more products to supposedly make you “perfect”. Result of this means more and more people spend more money and in the end feel less adequate with themselves because they don’t see the results they want so then they buy more items. They keep looking externally for validation on their looks instead of internally because that is what they have been programmed to do. This means they will follow the latest diet trend or purchase the latest cosmetic item to feel more perfect. Instead of having looking at what works for their body and looking at what makes them happy,  Instead they are being told what to wear and how to look without any emphasis on what they want to look or how they feel.

  • The truth they don’t want you to know.

 Truthfully though everybody feels inadequate with themselves, lots of people with supposedly great body’s feel inadequate with what they have and even when people compliment them on their physique that may be the only comforting factor they have because they are constantly comparing themselves to others without seeking comfort in themselves, unaware that in order to be satisfied with your body you must first love who you are and be grateful of what you currently have.

  • What should I look like if to not want to look perfect?

Individuals should not just focus on how they look but instead focus on how they feel. What should individuals strive for if not to be perfect? Individuals should strive to love who they are to embrace the life they have been given and to understand what perfect is and how perfect they already are. Perfect is defined as having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.  The body cannot be physically perfect until you embrace the fact you can’t be perfect. What about the mind? The mind however can be perfect if your mind is functioning with a normal capacity and can understand the concept of love then you can be perfect. When you start looking after your body with the sole purpose to be healthy and not just to look good, then you are on the steps to being perfect mentally. You gain the clarity to look after your body and not just seek external approval of what your body looks like.

  • How the mind can be more beautiful than the body.

The mind is more powerful than the body. When a human being has a desire that out ways their physical limitations but the mind believes it with a demanding desire the body will make it so and the mind will have found a way to make that happen. Stephen Hawking is a prime example of a man whose body has physically given out on him but his mind is still functioning normal and he still understands the concept of love and desire. He has a mental self belief in his own abilities and has a powerful desire and love for physics which has no bounds mentally. The man’s mind is a beacon of knowledge which is incredible yet he doesn’t see his own physical disability as a hindrance. He has completely transformed the world through his mind. It is through this that Stephen Hawking shows how much mental strength alone plays a part in what you want to receive, if you understand the concept of love and you apply that to yourself and you love who you are and you have passion for something then no matter what the mind will believe it so.

  • Negative qualities in ourselves are exploited and are extremely dangerous.

Let me just say again no human is perfect we all have flaws and we all have negative qualities in our selves which make us feel inadequate. But it is to embrace the fact that they are your flaws and they are your qualities. Your DNA strands are so unique that they have never been done before and will never be repeated again.  Modern Society has become a breeding ground for business’s to promote the idea that you need something to be perfect. You see images everyday of People obsessed with the idea of perfection when it comes to the human body. Scarily enough though the tragedy comes from many people who even risk their own life everyday to look “perfect”. Young men and women are prime example of what anorexia does to the human body. The scary fact is that anorexia is the most common cause of death (up to 12 times higher than any other disease) among young women ages 15 to 24. It’s not just women who suffer; males make up 10-15% of suffers from anorexia. I was shocked to read the causes of anorexia , yet as there is not one underlying cause of anorexia but a collection of psychological factors which have contributed to this disease one of these  physiological traits was perfectionism, understandably these young men and women are being conditioned to feel they are inadequate with who they are. Other traits where Being very emotionally restrained and have a tendency towards depression, these all make up the fact that people are not given the advice on how to love who they are.

  • Looking great doesn’t mean physical health

This is commonly overlooked in today’s society that people who may look physically strong could be very physically weak inside. Even people who supposedly look incredible take their own health for granted. Take for example health and fitness cover models many people daily are duped into the idea that cover models are in perfect health and its where all men and women should inspire to be at, but this is not the case at all when in fact this person would often have to cut or be on a strict calorie intake just to look that way for the shoot. They drop down to an incredibly low body fat % and make us all believe that is the all year natural look. They have put their own health in a risk state for the purpose to look better. Physically though they could be dehydrated suffering from malnutrition and are physically exhausted in that state.

  • The truth lies within   

The Truth though guys and girls is that perfection comes from within. It took me so long to realise this, because I allowed myself to be bombarded with images of these “perfect” conditioned people but soon as I felt comfortable with who I was it all changed. I understood that my body is mine and I am the only person who I should be in competition with. My idea of perfect changed completely to just being happy with who I am and to live a happy meaningful fulfilled life, with a body that feels and looks amazing to me. This was the moment where I knew I could make real everlasting changes to my body. Soon enough shortly after realising this, I gained this whole new love me approach to my diet and exercise, I was in competition with myself just beating the person I was yesterday after a few months of this, my vision of myself and views on other people became different. I was more optimistic with what I could achieve, I was willing to test my limits. 

  • Your unique and perfect and always were.

You are all incredible in your own unique way. Everybody reading this all have amazing traits which some of you will class as a weakness and where some of you will see as strength. Never categories the image of yourself as a negative trait, the only person which you truly need to have respect for is yourself. Only you can look at yourself in the mirror and can be truly honest with the person who is looking back.  It is in these pure moments of honesty with ourselves that we can be truly naked and find the answers we seek. We hold no lie which our mind can tell us. We know our strengths. We know our perception of reality. Yet the only thing we don’t do is take major steps to change our selves, we accept what is.                               

Really believe that you can make a difference in you and other people’s lives and you will find a way to make that happen. A lot of what we are taught is to fear weakness and hide weaknesses from opposing foes, yet we are unaware that weakness’s can be your biggest strengths. Take for example if you have come from a background which is of a tough upbringing, society will call this a disadvantage because you haven’t had the privilege of money and a home which loves you and supports you.  Whereas this to some is also seen as a strength as you can gain independence, self reliance, self belief and mental and emotional strength through struggles and challenges. It all comes down to how you perceive things, accept that these are opportunities for growth and not look at these as hindrances. Overcoming challenges and obstacles are what strengthen our character. If we fall down to challenges and give into them then we will be kept in a life of struggle and pain believing that life is tough and hard. Blaming various circumstance’s for your misfortune instead of taking charge for who you are and getting what you deserve. Stephen hawking never quit when he suffered from Muscular Neuron Disease, he could have easily slipped into a world of insecurity and blamed circumstances for his condition but yet he didn’t he rose up and now is one of the most incredible men in this century.

The Final Thought On Perfect

Perfect is the fact that you and everybody in this world share an incredible bond of love with yourself. You know that deep down there is an inner connection with your wants and desires often held back by circumstances and a fear of the unknown. Use the circumstance you were given as an opportunity to grow. Go and live to your full potential and make the world a better place by living a life based on who you are.

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