In The Mind Of Connor Mcgregor

The Passion For Success

Connor McGregor has vast become one of the world’s most marketable and profitable fighters, with an incredible talent and formidable will power. It’s hard to believe that not long ago he was struggling to even pay his dues in his native Ireland, as the former plumbers apprentice was collecting 188 Euro’s a week on welfare. Then one week later Connor was collecting a $60’000 pay check from the UFC after winning his fight of the night bonus. So how can a man like Connor McGregor come from nothing to rise to such heights? How can one man become so successful on self belief alone?

 Drive And Determination

His drive is one of the strongest weapons in his arsenal, regularly wearing down his opponents through his sheer persistence in the gage. His keep moving forward attitude has been crucial for his success in and outside the octagon. Connor’s drive has seen him gain a title shot within 2 years of entering the UFC. With his drive and determination in full momentum he has an unwavering self belief, which he transfers into his performances in the octagon. One of Connors quotes shows his desire as an undying flame which will burn until he and him alone will say when it can extinguish. “I take inspiration from everyone and everything. I’m inspired by current champions, former champions, true competitors and people dedicated to their dream, hard workers, dreamers and achievers.” When you surround yourself with such inspiration you become dedicated to achieving success within your own life. Connors determination is a conclusion of the inspiration he receives day in and day out.

        .Constantly Learning

Connor’s mindset is built upon success visualisation, which is developed through his constant learning and studying of success. Connor’s quote on mindset proves his philosophy of that in order to succeed you must be in a constant state of learning as Connor say’s “I always teach myself calm and visualisation.” Visualisation when learnt is a powerful tool. When you visualise what you want, the mind manifests this into a desire and then when formed into a desire can bring a plan to acquire it. Connor has visualised himself as a UFC competitor to a UFC champion and has always studied the art of self belief and desire. Connors quote “It’s good to make your brain work more than your body.” proves the man’s dedication to his own physical desires through constant learning is crucial to his success.  

           He Loves What He Does

When Connor set’s foot in the cage, he knows this is what he loves and either win or lose his passion for fighting will never ever leave him. Connor’s said that “I train and I go home, I think about training. That is my life everyday that’s it.” This powerful quote show’s what matters most in his life, he knows that his passion lies for fighting and that competition gives him his energy to perform. He takes pride in the fact that his strength comes from loving what he does, when you don’t enjoy what you do then how can you manifest any success out of it?  Connor understands that life is too short. He knows the value of time and embraces his success through giving himself rewards for his wins in life, what many of us don’t manage to do. Connor always reward’s himself after his win and in order to be successful you must also be grateful of your wins. Reward your wins maybe not with the same lavish gifts Connor bestows upon himself but by praising yourself for your achievements.

            He Makes Sacrifices For Success

Connor makes the necessary sacrifices needed in order to be successful. Connor for a while struggled with MMA and for a brief period wanted to quit but when the passion for success build’s up in a person’s heart then you will always be drawn towards it. Connor dedicates countless hours of his time for his passion. In order to be successful you must be passionate and have a strong desire to succeed, these also come with sacrifice’s when you make the necessary sacrifices to what you want to achieve then you will be successful, sacrifices will come through your own time, nights out, watching TV all these and more Connor sacrifices in order to get where he wants to be.  

           He Balances Fear Vs Success

Connor unlike many others has no fear he doesn’t make excuses for his fear, he doesn’t feed his fear by worrying, he is quoted as saying “I am fearless.” He shows no fear in himself and no fear in anything which he attempts which is a powerful trait to have. Many people have a life described as practicality or reality they are driven by fear and have many excuses on why they aren’t wear they want to be. “I have bills to pay” I’m too old for that” That sounds like a lot of time and effort”. Connor understands the commitment it takes and that his desire for success overwhelms the fear which could hold him back, he understands that fear is just manifested by the subconscious to keep us safe.  Soon as you pick success over fear you create yourself open to opportunities to create the life you desire.

            Understands Who He Is.

Connor has the utmost clarity on who he is and what he can accomplish. When you know who you are, what drives you and have reasons which spur you on to succeed, it is hard not to follow your dreams. Connor said “My success isn’t a result of arrogance - it’s a result of my belief.” Gaining clarity on who you are, brings with it a sense of purpose. Your passion and determination is crucial to you but that can only happen when you know who you are and what motivates you and what excites you. Connor say’s “life is about growing and improving and getting better.” Who is to argue that as you grow into the person you want to be the more you inspire others to do the same. Connors passion and self belief are his keys to success followed by an understanding of what motivates him and drives him forward.

Find your own sense of purpose, inspire yourself to make a change and believe in yourself. Only you alone hold the key to your potential. Connor has inspired a nation to believe in him, they all believe him to be the next champion. He alone holds the key through his strength and will power, find out who you are and dedicate yourself to a better life don’t let fear drive you, take charge of who you are.

Your Challenge:

Find what motivates you. Add five things into your daily routine that motivate you to be the best version of yourself.

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