The Secrets of Will Smith's Success

The Secrets of Success # 4                             Will Smith

Will Smith has built a life around his wants and desires. He has built an empire on his beliefs. He represents the idea of possibilities and by the age of 20 Will Smith was already a multi millionaire from following his dream of being a rap star as the Fresh Prince. Unfortunately for Will he suffered a setback and after a few years he nearly went bankrupt but thankfully with his own passion, perseverance and determination he bounced back and ended up creating a life and legacy which has impacted millions of people. When you understand Will Smith you can understand the true secret to being successful in this life whatever you want to do or who you want to become, If you follow and understand the message which he offers you, life has limitless possibilities.

Of all the stories in Hollywood there is not as many as powerful as Will Smith’s. He has an incredible story which shaped his mindset and which lead him down the path of success.

His Father once tore down a wall around his bakery shop and told 12 year old Will and his 9 year old brother to build a new wall in its place, a job which Will said “was impossible”. His dad responded saying “nothing is impossible”. So Will thought I’m just going to lay this first brick, I’m going to lay this brick as perfect as a brick has ever been laid and Will used that same philosophy for every single brick which he laid and he eventually after a year and a half the wall was complete. His dad said “Now Don’t you ever tell me there’s nothing you can’t do.”

The lesson still lives with Will to this day, never be afraid of the task, just set that first brick and eventually you will have a wall. Will now believes that there is no task to big just all together many small steps in the right direction then all task’s will seem smaller in comparison no matter how big.

His parents always told Will that he could be anything he ever wanted. Eventually his subconscious used this advice to become deserving of everything that life has to offer.  When you become deserving to what you commit to and you fortify your mind with passion and committed determination and you give your time and your mind to achieving your goal who is to say you can’t achieve what you want, even failure is only seen as a setback, when you expand your consciousness into this sort of thinking and you start to live in the present moment and you focus on this moment in this particular time, instead of past and future events.  You can work at what you need to do to become successful, because in the present moment is all you will ever have.

“Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let god deal with thing’s they do because hate in your heart will consume you to.”      Will Smith

This quote really show’s that life is here to be enjoyed, it’s a message to make the mind a positive beacon which attracts positive response’s in life, they say positive action can only bring positive results, just as negative action can only bring negative results. This way of living can only bring upon it a positive life. You just need to accept the experiences and the opportunities which are given to you. The tasks of life offer us an opportunity to be happy, to be grateful, to love, care and show consideration to you and everyone else who enters your life.

When you understand that life is to short then you start making decisions that will make your life happier, and you do things in relation to your happiness, so truthfully all we have is a moment on this planet and we must really do our utmost to be as happy as we can, they say one minute of anger robbers you of 60 seconds worth of happiness.

“If your not willing to work hard, let someone else do it, I’d rather be with someone who does a horrible job but gives 110%  than be with someone who does a good job and gives 60%.”                             Will Smith

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing hard work prevail. When you show your desire and dedication through your own hard work, people will be drawn to your energy and will be more likely encouraged by your energy. Especially if you feel deserving of what you ask for, the world rewards hard work as just, if you work hard for someone else they will become successful, if you work hard on yourself then you will become successful.

Your own effort is essential to success, how can you not work hard but yet expect to see sufficient result’s in your life.  It ‘s like expecting to win the lottery without buying a ticket. When you whole heartedly supply effort and continuous hard work then you will be responded with the results accordingly.

“Talent you have naturally, but skill is only developed by hours and hours of beating on your craft.” Was another Will Smith quote that emphasised his determination to his hard work, constant hard work is essential as Babe Ruth once said “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

“The thing’s that have been the most valuable to me I didn’t learn in school.”                                                       Will Smith  

The constant learning of yourself and learning everyday from the experiences you take instead of following the rules and directions of school, your experience of life gives you a learning perspective unlike no other. You learn who you are, you learn what you can overcome, you become the teacher of your own success, you’re the pupil and the teacher at the same time in the game of life. You learn so much more that just listening to a teacher in class, you become the teacher and pupil by asking yourself the questions which matter the most and your answers will be the catalyst of your true self. Your answers to the questions that matter will teach you more than what any class room can teach you.

“I have always considered myself to be just average but what I do have is ridiculous, insane obsession for practice and preparation.” Will Smith

The attitude of fail to prepare, prepare to fail is a true statement which lives true in many people’s lives through literal meaning. A lot of people look to gain a shortcut in life. Not understanding that true satisfaction doesn’t just come from the result but instead satisfaction comes from the journey and the overcoming the obstacles in the way. You must have the learning capabilities to understand that any obstacle is there to help you grow. The more obstacles that you knock down will develop strength and persistence into your character, key attributes to becoming successful.

Be more like Will Smith in terms of character show commitment through hard work and strive to find your why. Never just copy Will Smith and become another Will Smith or never copy anyone’s success story. Be your own person, everybody else is taken. Your passion’s are your own, your desires are yours, just first believe in you. Take that first step to being who you are and who you  want to become. In the utmost sense of the word you are everything it takes to be successful you just have to lay the first brick.


Thanks for reading guys