The Escape

"Anything, just give me anything" says the junkie to the dealer. "No matter what the cost, whatever the debt maybe, whatever the price is just give me something, something to take the pain away. Please help me find the escape. The escape from the mind, escape from the intensity of life, the weight of problems, the stress of emotions. Please just give me something that will end this feeling, this feeling of worthlessness to my friends, to my family, to myself."

"Please let me find the reality that I search for, let me find a reality where I’m loved, where I achieve a life of purpose, please show me what I'm looking for."

The dealer responded "What you search for you have found, you have found love in a needle, because it shows you an existence beyond yourself. That existence of a better life is already inside you screaming to get out, you believe that drugs shows you the answer but you forget it's you who asks the questions. What you seek is already inside, and the visions of a better life are what is already within you, no needle ever brought that out."

"You have ran your entire life, searching for an escape, not from your problems but from the man staring back at you in the mirror, because you know that at some point you could of turned this around, you could of taken responsibility to really acknowledge your life, so now you blame everything including the world for being hard, but the world will give us only what we can cope and will give us the lessons to make us stronger, so you still want this needle?"

The junkie replied "when things happen in life, that is out of my control how I can cope when I wasn't there to stop it happening? Why do I feel judged for wanting to escape? Why won't you give me what I want?"

The dealer replied "Many things in life are out of our control, the only things we can truly call upon are our response to them. Our choice to choose how we react is more important value than anything else. We are not a part of the universe we are the universe.

The dealer held the needle out.

"This needle is nothing, it’s nothing but a symbol of strength on you and your mind, and you believe you need it but you truly don't. you just need to change the way you find your strength, whoever you are today doesn’t mean you are that person tomorrow, you maybe the junkie today who is searching for that new reality and tomorrow you could be the person who rises up and understands that you have a voice and you have a choice."

"You have a chance to change the world, but first you need to change yourself. Ask not what the world can do for you but what can you give to this world. This world can show you so much beauty and love but only when you look for it. Whatever you want is yours and you will receive it when you truly want it."

"So you really want this needle?"

The junkie looked at his arms, where he finds the collection of holes and scars which he has used to escape his tough life and says "No."

He says "My brother, you is what I seek, If you wish to change your life as you wish to change mine, I offer you the same deal as that which you are giving me, you offer me this life of change as I search for an existence beyond that of my own. But you to as well deserve a life beyond that of what you do, you sell magic potions to people who have no magic in their life, but what you sold me today was something bigger, you sold me hope you sold me a existence of a life with value, when I look into the eyes of my own brother all I want is a better life for you, as you do to me. But you know brother, me and you and everyone else we are all brothers and sisters in this life, we all hold a responsibility to help each other, just like you do to me right now. Now please help me help you."

The dealer felt the money in his pocket, he felt the collection of his life work in his pocket, and he ponders if it's worth it? Cash? Cash for what? Why is he living an existence trading lives for cash?

"Where are these lives which are better the dealer asked the junkie? When all I know is to give people what they want, I give them a way out. I live a life with people who knock on my door at 2am scared that whoever answers would have a gun strapped. When you’re so far trapped in this world you see a way out for others but not for yourself."

"Today you have shown me I'm not a junkie, I am what I believe I am, I am your brother and you are mine. I’m no longer a junkie living a life on the edge of recklessness; I am a believer in who I am and who I want to be. Now I offer you an existence beyond that of what you see and what you can become."