Army of Police Storm Parliament Square to Arrest Climate Protesters

Dozens of Extinction Rebellion protesters were removed from Parliament Square after a battalion of police turned up.


Hundreds of officers marched into the area information after the climate change activists set up camp. It was the most dramatic police action since the protests began on Monday, causing disruption across London’s transport networks.

Shaun Chamberlin, said, ‘We are no longer willing to stand by and watch life on earth be exterminated and accept that just waving banners and writing petitions and having them ignored is enough. ‘I think our soul, our conscience demands that we do more than that.’

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Shaun says he is ‘immensely proud’ of his mum Rosalie, 68, a retired nurse who is sitting down on the pavement hoping to be arrested for the first time in her life. He said: ‘She just feels, again, like she can’t in good conscience allow this ecocide society to continue on its current path.’


He compared the Extinction Rebellion’s movement with resistance against South Africa’s apartheid and British rule in India, where ‘ordinary people saw other ordinary people being arrested’ and began to ask why.

‘In this case, the only thing they’re standing up for really is our right to have a future.’