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In this episode of the Ascend podcast, Sebastien Foucan joins us for a deep and inspiring  conversation Sebastien describes movement as a journey and you just let your body and mind play in sink together, he describes it as musiccality, he wants us to Re-invent how we think, how we move & what we thought was possible 

Sebastien Foucan is the founder and pioneer of Freerunning. Sebastien has a deep belief in the philosophies of freerunning and its connection with natural environment  and seasons of the year. Well known for being part of the iconic opening scene on top of a crane in James Bond’s Casino Royale, Sebastien is also an accomplished inspirational speaker. He is a global ambassador for the Freerunning discipline  and has established his own Foucan Freerunning Academy to pass on his ethos and skills. Prepare to be inspired to incorporate some of these practices into your own life


  • Original origins of free running and what was philosophy like before he decided to create the term parkour 
  • The Expression of our bodies’ willingness to move?
  •  Mind focus in the moment of free running?
  •  Focus on the obstacle or essence of bliss when you can stop moving, and your intent on pushing yourself to the next level?
  •  Internal energetic visualization and tension-generating visualization?
  • Is free running the ultimate form of expression?
  • Limitation? 
  • How much movement training is planned in advance versus playing and improv?
  • Other areas of movement he explores?
  • How has his style of movement or training has evolved?
  • Is free running a art which can be mastered?
  • What does he think is possible? If he could go back to  his childhood with the knowledge he has now?
  •  What will someone find out about themselves, when they take up free running?
  • Engaging a beginner into moving their body?


Each week after the podcast we ask the guest for a quick small challenge so that you can take action right away in your life, why not try this out could be a game changer:

  • Challenge: The Challenge this week is to engage your body in some form of movement, yoga, parkour, running. Just move your body in some form every day. 


This will be an eye-opening experiment. When you do this Challenge, please post a comment or email to let us know how it went. 


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