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In this episode of the Beastified podcast, Matt Belair joins us for a incredible conversation on Mastering yourself and how you can apply the concepts to your life. Matt believes in potential. His own, yours, everyone’s. Seeing the possibilities in someone’s life and business is his greatest gift. He knows we can all be great, and so there is nothing that despairs him more than to see someone suffer or settle for mediocrity and nothing that brings him more joy than to witness them achieve their highest potential. He has incredible vision and see’s the incredible potential in every individual Matt is truly special because he has the rare ability to help others see, believe, and create that incredible potential within themselves. Prepare to be inspired to incorporate some of these practices into your own life.


  • The mental techniques and practices of Kung Fu monks in china & Buddhist Monks in Nepal
  • Meditation and Spiritual Enlightenment
  • How to overcome unhealthy habits through the mind?
  • How to boost performance and enhance mental toughness? 
  • How many workouts have people missed because there mind, not your body, told them they were tired? How you can maintain focus
  • Tactics to kill bad habits and negative thoughts patterns?
  • Training techniques you can use to condition your body to withstand discomfort and difficult environments.
  • How to develop a routine daily


Each week after the podcast we ask the guest for a quick small challenge so that you can take action right away in your life, why not try this out could be a game changer:

Matt actually provided 2 Challenges :)

  • Challenge 1 from Matt`s book:  Day 1 of 1 Min of Meditation, Sit &  just Focus on breathing Day 2 of 2 Min, Day 3 of 3 Min and so on build up to 10 Min.
  • Challenge 2: 10 x 10 Kettlebell swings


This will be an eye-opening experiment. When you do this Challenge, please post a comment or email to let us know how it went. 


  • Typical Morning Routine:  When I'm on POINT! 10 minute meditation, prayer with gratitude. Reading and visualization of goals and affirmations.  Plan Day.  When I'm not on point: Coffee and Mini wheats :)
  • Typical Training Week: Workout and Skateboard almost everyday. Kettlebell, Bodyweight, TRX as well as approximately 2X per week gym for squats, deads, bench and now more YOGA.
  • Most influential person: Bruce Lee
  • Inspirational Quote:  "Be Here Now" Ram Dass
  • Influential Books or Reads: The Autobiography of a Yogi, You are the Placebo "Joe Dispenza", the Law of Attraction M. LOSIER, anything by Thich Naht Hahn


The Secrets to Achieving your highest Potential


Special thanks to Marcus Warner  for podcast intro and outro If Elephants Could Fly  connect with Marcus at his website marcuswarnermusic.com Please check out his amazing work such a talented young Composer



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