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In this episode of the Beastified! podcast, Ian Sharman joins us for a inspiring conversation on Becoming Ultra and Mastering Incredible Feats Of Endurance. We delve into the mind of one of the best endurance runners on the planet.

Ian has been racing around the world in all styles of event since 2005 and coaching since 2010, having run around 200 ultras and marathons in every type of weather and on all terrains. He's won almost 50 multi-day races, road marathons, trail ultras and adventure races with experience of running in many mountain ranges, including the Himalayas, Andes, Rockies and European Alps. He also holds the fastest time in a trail 100-mile race in the US (12h44m), the record for the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning (69h49m) and is the 2013 Leadville Trail 100 Champion. He has trained over 100 runners for virtually every type of endurance running event with the aid of NASM personal training and USATF coaching certifications. Prepare to be inspired to incorporate some of these practices into your own life


  • How Ian found ultra running and why did you decide it was for him?
  • The Mindset while running an Ultra?
  • Preparation to running a ultra and what does a week of training look like?
  •  A Look into the nutrition of a endurance athlete? 
  • Greatest experience of whole career?
  • Running in different terrains?
  • Dealing with sleep deprivation & exhaustion?
  • Metal blocks?
  • What things differ from the average to the elite level athletes?
  • Are Humans designed to run ultra marathons or is it going against our human DNA?
  • Can anyone run a ultra?
  •  The future of ultra running?
  • What is possible? is there limit to what distance someone can run ?
  • Biggest lessons and best tip anyone has ever given Ian?
  • advice to a beginner who want  to pursue ultra running and how do they start??
  • Plans for the future and how he hopes to be remembered as a ultra runner and coach?


Each week after the podcast we ask the guest for a quick small challenge so that you can take action right away in your life, why not try this out could be a game changer:

  • Challenge: Find a routine to fit in 30 mins of exercise each day. It can just be going for a walk at first, but make sure it becomes a part of your daily life so it’s sustainable. Before you know it, that exercise becomes your new default instead of a chore that’s difficult to find time for. Mornings tend to be the best option for this.


This will be an eye-opening experiment. When you do this Challenge, please post a comment or email to let us know how it went. 


  • Typical Morning Routine: Wake up and get right on calls with coaching clients. I generally only run in the morning if it’s a race since I’m on the Pacific Time Zone and most people I speak to are either the same zone or east, meaning it’s already later in their day when I get up.
  • Most Influential Person: Haile Gebselassie - he is arguably the greatest distance runner of all time and seems to be such a genuinely good person. I’d love to meet him one day.
  • Inspirational Quote: It’s an old US Army quote but I think it’s very applicable to everyone - ‘be all you can be.'
  • Influential Books or Reads: ‘The Lore of Running’ by Professor Tim Noakes since it spelt out so many concepts in running, plus made me question a lot of things about training and racing, kicking off my interest in coaching.




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