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Flightmaster Yoga

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In this episode of the Beastified! podcast, Lesley Fightmaster Yoga  joins us for a mindful and very impactful deep conversation on Yoga and how you can apply the concepts to your life. 

Lesley believes Yoga should be available for free for everyone to enjoy. Lesley has a very successful yoga channel on Youtube called Fightmaster Yoga  As-well as her Huge online foIlowing of over 130,000' very supportive community. Lesley's mission is to make yoga accessible throughout the world. Please join her awesome yoga community  . Lesley offers yoga classes from Ashtanga to vinyasa flow with classes for beginners to the veteran yogi.  

Lesley began practicing yoga in San Francisco in 2000 as a way to start meditating and to connect spiritually.  Lesley is a certified instructor. She is also certified in the YogaWorks method of teaching. Her classes and teaching style are challenging but fun and she mixes humor with spiritual principles.  She also likes to sing and sometimes brings her guitar to play for Savasana. Prepare to be inspired to incorporate some of these practices into your own life


  • Lesley tells us about her journey into yoga 
  • How yoga changed her body and mind?
  •  Lesley's nutrition 
  • Other styles of exercise Lesley incorporates into her lifestyle?
  • Yoga to a complete novice who has never practiced it?
  • Surprising characteristics someone will learn about them selves when they perform yoga?
  • Yoga poses and there connection to a spiritual meaning?
  • Is yoga more of the flexibility of the mind then its flexibility of the body?.
  • Does yoga provide you the perfect opportunity to find out who you are?
  • Is every breath in yoga important?
  • Lesley's greatest experience with yoga?
  • Is the western influence of yoga taking away its more spiritual side from its earlier origins?
  • Thoughts on the shavasana?
  • Lesleys thought process?  What Lesley focuses on? What are her intentions during practice?
  • Combating sedentary living?
  •  incorporate pulling work?
  • Size of the yoga mat?
  • What sacrifices Lesley has made to pursue her passion and development for yoga?
  • Can yoga be a healer of physical and mental illnesses?
  •  Yoga with technology?
  •  Can you ever master yoga or is it a continuous journey?
  • What the future holds for yoga?
  • What would Lesley like to see in the development of yoga?
  • Lesley finishes the podcast with one of her favorite quotes 


Each week after the podcast we ask the guest for a quick small challenge so that you can take action right away in your life, why not try this out could be a game changer:


This will be an eye-opening experiment. i know this challenge is quite a big one but just give it a try and when you do this Challenge, please post a comment or email to let us know how it went. 


  • Typical Morning Routine:  Gets Up early every day between 4:45 and 6 am. On 4:45 am days I spend quiet time meditating and contemplating my day and then I go and teach a class at 6:30 am. Other days, I get to spend time in the morning with my husband and kids, helping the kids get ready for school before I teach at 8 am. Meditation comes later :)


  • Most Influential Person: Seane Corn (along with Suzanne Sterling and Hala Khouri) for their phenomenal service in creating and sustaining "Off The Mat, Into the World." They travel around the globe serving those in crisis.  For example, in 2012, they organized 216 fundraisers collectively raising over $1 million and generated awareness about the issue of sex trafficking worldwide. An estimated 3 to 6 million women and children are enslaved for sex worldwide, and the average age is 12 to 14. In India alone, there are estimated to be 2 to 3 million sex trafficking victims. OTM advocates, raises awareness and serves in the best way that they can.


  • Inspirational Quote: The Tao turns the tides and changes Caterpillars into butterflies. Do you truly believe that is has less magic in store for you? Pay attention to what within you is beginning to awaken. The caterpillar can feel the essence of the butterfly even before it begins to emerge. Remember butterflies are never born on the ground. This type of total transformation occurs only after an arduous climb up the trunk of the tree and a perilous trip out onto the barest branch. RISK IS THE COST OF ANYTHING OF REAL VALUE. Create your own chrysalis of consciousness; a protective cocoon in which you realize yourself more wholly. Dawning as a radiant light, awakening others in the same way "Tao de Ching, 78th Passage translation by Dorian Israel "
  • Influential Books or Reads: Dan Harris - 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help - A True Story






Special thanks to Marcus Warner  for podcast intro and outro If Elephants Could Fly  connect with Marcus at his website marcuswarnermusic.com Please check out his amazing work such a talented young Composer




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