BP20: Master Your Mindset • Shawn Stevenson

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In this episode of the Ascend podcast,  We are Joined by Shawn Stevenson. He is a absolute fountain of knowledge about everything from eating right to moving your body, mindset , sleep and much more

Shawn believes that there is a “greater” version of us that can be accessed through the right nutrition, exercise, and the right mindset. In order to become this incredible, strong, happy, healthy version of yourself, but he says  first have to identify WHY you need to become it.

We all have goals, passions, and aspirations that are slowly dying because we are not taking action on them? No matter where you are in your life right now, things can and will be improved if you have the will to take a new action now. You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting.” It’s a simple principle about life that if you want something new, then it requires a new action. Break the old pattern, and you can instantly change your life.

Now, it’s not just the action that gets you there. The action is actually an end result of something far more powerful. The action comes from who you are – the mindset you carry, and who you believe yourself to be. in this episode you will learn how To Instantly Shift Your Mindset And Master The Art Of Living

I can’t even begin to tell you how powerful this episode is… so hopefully you will enjoy


  • What does a mindset change in terms of health and life mean to you?
  • What started Shawn off on his journey
  • How does exercise create your direction and purpose?
  • momentum and energy to other things in your life.
  • Is it actually cheaper to eat healthier?
  • The process of eating healthy is a key part of the process to waking up and shifting the mindset
  • How does sleep play a role in the development of the perfect mindset?
  • Shawn's Morning routine? 
  • Importance of a morning routine in terms of the development of our mindset?
  • Creating real consistency in your life.
  • Champions mindset? l.
  •  Key element that people in society today are missing that stops us from really embracing life?
  •  How Shawn approaches spirituality with people.
  • Mediation in terms of tuning our mindset and we dig into Shawn mediation practice?
  • Final message from Shawn to shift peoples mindset and push them forward as a human being on this planet  








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