AP 73 - Adventures Beyond the Body - William Buhlman



“In dreams the images in the mind, in the subconscious, merge with and obliterate the perceptions from the astral senses, in a similar way that in daily life the subconscious causes the external world to be perceived with the colorations of thoughts, feelings, images, and emotions; in other words, we daydream or get lost in thoughts.”

The dreams are many are that of just that dreams. But to some dreams are an awakening, an awakening to powerful worlds beyond this reality. These worlds hold with it time less adventures where your in control. Sounds to good to be true right. but truth is we are talking to master astral projectionist William Buhlman. This is a powerful episode that really answers many questions on the subject like. What's possible in the astral world, what figures does he meet there, the answers to many life's questions.

But something me and Dan cant understand is if you were just some conscious ball of energy, wouldn't you want to taste like matter filled density reality, taste what foods taste like, climb, move, make love all these are incredible parts of this reality and it made us ask the question why would we want to spend to much in a different reality when this one offers us so much.

Episode Breakdown

  • Why astral project?

  • What is it that you find?

  • Why should you do it?

  • What you Find after 1000 astral projections

  • What is the answers you have found?

  • What truths are there let to uncover?

  • How to astral project

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Ascend Conscious Hub! Get Access to Other Awakened Minds Including Dan, Chris and Guests from the Podcast. Discussions about podcast episodes, Live Vids, Live Q&A, Group Discussions, Bonus content.





From William's Website

The Target Technique

Your ability to focus and maintain your awareness away from your physical body is enhanced if you direct your full attention upon a specific object or place. The target technique is an excellent exercise to help you develop this ability.

Select three targets in your home. All three targets should be physical items that you can visualize with relative ease. Your targets should be in a different area of your home than the room you normally use for your out-of-body techniques.

For example, you could select your favorite chair for your first target. For your second, select a gift or artwork that holds some special meaning to you. Third, select the most visually stimulating object available, such as your favorite painting, sculpture, or crystal. All three targets should be in the same room.

After selecting your targets, physically walk to each one and examine every detail. Study each object from different perspectives, notice any imperfections or irregularities. Take your time with each object, memorizing the sights and feelings associated with every target area. Become aware of all of your senses during your walk, especially your sense of sight and touch. Repeat your walk several times until you can easily recall the smallest details of each target area. Pay close attention to everything, including colors, textures, densities and weight. Also feel and memorize the sensations associated with your walk from one target to another. In other words, Get Into It! Enjoy all the sensory input that you receive.

The key to this technique is to focus and maintain your attention away from your physical body as you drift off to sleep. If you are persistent the results can be dramatic. To enhance this exercise, take your time and repeat your physical and visual walk-through daily for thirty days. Get interested and involved in each target. This technique is a great way to increase your concentration and visualization skills and it takes only twenty minutes to perform.

It’s important to select targets that are easy to visualize for yourself. Many people select personal items that possess a sentimental attraction. Once you make a selection stay with it, the repetition of your visualization dramatically increases its effectiveness.

This technique is my personal favorite, over thirty five years ago I stumbled upon it when I began to visualize objects in my mother’s home. I strongly believe that this technique can work for anyone who is willing to invest the time and effort. The key is to select target objects that are easy to visualize but interesting enough to hold your attention. Items that you have made such as a painting, a sculpture, a silk flower arrangement, or even a set of curtains can be extremely effective targets. As you progress with this technique you can increase the number and variety of the targets you select. After you become comfortable, you can expand your visualization to include an entire room. This technique is extremely effective, but it is up to you to take the steps. The time you invest will be richly rewarded. William Buhlman



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