How to Astral Project, Exploring Consciousness - Ryan Cropper


“A good traveller is one who knows how to travel with the mind.” 
― Michael Bassey Johnson,

Sometimes in life, we need to look beyond the plains of this existence. We often get caught overlooking what is beyond this human physical form, because to be quite frank, this human form is so intense. Now not to get to spiritual and to out there, but the human form is only a pinpoint of what is actually being perceived.

There is a vastness that is unavailable and unseen in this current form, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible in itself to be found. That other exploration of life could be referred to as Astral Projection.

Now we have had a few, guests on the Ascend Podcast that talks about astral projection. Now the astral projection explores so much, when going beyond the senses. We get that feeling of uniqueness of something more and of course a feeling that we are something beyond life it’s self.

So today’s guest really hits home on how powerful Astral projection truly is. Please welcome Ryan Cropper


  • How the mind works

  • How to understand how the mind works

  • Manifestation

  • Lucid Dreaming

  • Beyond the individual scope

  • The Thought based reality

  • How Powerful is thoughts and manifestation

  • Why it takes a long time to manifest a thought.

  • Dealing with emotions and being receptive to reality

  • The sensations of the body

  • Whats the deal with immortality

  • Going inwards with astral projection

  • The experience of Other Dimensions

  • What The F**K is actually happening

  • What is the first step in exploring their consciousness

  • Psychedelics and Emotions

  • How You Think

  • The Thoughts which are spoken to us

  • Starting exploring in astral projection

  • The aspect of writing things down

  • The deep state trigger

  • What was before and What will become



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