Psychedelic Trip Report! Conversation's with My Higher Self

My Mind Blown Cannabis Trip Experience where I had an intense conversations with my Higher Self Through my Friends Body

Have you ever gotten lost in your mind? Questioned existence through the eyes of some form of your higher self? Last Weekend Dan went on a journey, he went and experienced something that 99% of the population wouldn’t dare of dreamed.

When you enter the trip, you dont begin to understand whats going on, you just go and embark on this entire journey at your own free will. The lessons of a trip will unfold in time and you need to be focusing on that conversation with your higher self.

If you are ready to experience beyond the mind and into the deep rooted consciousness where the true pain is then pay attention because this episode will be a bumpy ride.


Please Share It With Your Friends, And You Never Know It Might Just Change Somebody Else's Life. 


Special thanks to Marcus Warner  for podcast intro and outro If Elephants Could Fly connect with Marcus at his website Please check out his amazing work such a talented young Composer

Special Thanks to Poranguí for in between podcast Music Ayahuasca is sonic alchemy from Brazilian born artist Poranguí McGrew. Blending recordings from the Amazon rain forest with native instruments from around the world, the music builds a bridge to the consciousness of the master plant medicine