We Are Connected to Every Aspect of Life

This Piece of Writing was inspired by a Dream I had, I go into detail about the dream on the Ascend podcast - Observing Our Thoughts

Everything in life is working from a place of fractions, we are connected to every aspect of life and are directy influencing every single grain of sand. The birds, plants, rocks, tree’s, bees. We step a fraction to the right, we step a fraction to the left, we choose to smile at someone or not. We choose to speak to someone or not, we choose to breathe or not! Every moment we choose it different from the other! every exhale is different from the other. The difference of me choosing to breath now compared to now, or now Is going to be completely different to now. A decision to step to the left or step to the right, a choice to smile, a choice not to smile, a choice to speak to someone or not, or choice to breath is all going to effect the game. 🎮

Peace Dan