Cultural Operating Systems

When you start questioning the nature of human experience – how or why we perceive things the way we do, – very quickly, what we think of reality begins to unravel. You realize that most of “reality” is constructed in our minds. Our brains are always being selective about what they focus on and what they ignore completely, meaning that we can disregard a huge amount of information. And vice versa, What information are we discarding? What information are we allowing in? our brains are also filling in the blanks in order to make sense of what’s happening. but what are those blanks? what are you filling those blanks with? 

The Great Terence McKenna speaks of “cultural operating systems” and says there is certain things that can open your eyes to it. And he speaks about being more curious to what your own cultural operating system looks like..........

So just think for a second about how many different cultural operating systems are constantly playing over and over again in your psyche? radio, television, computers, friends, family, advertisement boards when you walk or drive down the street, teachers, work colleagues even me who has wrote this ;) so forth and so on............. data has been arriving every since we where born.


But what happens when the cultural operating system is wiped clean?

Who knows? Maybe we will never be fully wiped clean? maybe the nature of the game doesn't allow us to be fully wiped clean? 

Terrance mkenna speaks about the process of replacing the cultural operating system and speaks about how when we do replace it something older more vitalistic, more in touch with the animal soul replaces it, replaces the cultural operating system, something not determined by history and geography but something write in the language of the flesh itself. 


Then the question is, well, how does one download a new operating system?

So first of all you have to clear some space in your harddrive . The best way to do this is probably start of by drinking a glass of water and blow some air in and out of your harddrive. And also switching off your harddrive every now and again is also a great cleaner....... I find sitting still works best for this one, however over the last few year i have found out that moving my body in many different ways can also be a great way to shutdown the harddrive :) 

I have not yet, delved into the world of the plant medicine ayahuasca, but through my extensive research and friends i have heard it is an excellent hardrive cleaner. As are many other Psychedelics. Ans just like a computer, i have heard You can put a lot of things in the trash and have them just disappear very fast. however just like a computer you still cannot just clear the trash once and its now completely working smooth and clean and you have more memory back. You have to keep updating it and cleaning out the trash using many different tools and hacks 


What are some of them Tools and Hacks?

Yoga, Mediation, Seeking new Information, Eating Real Foods, Surrounding Yourself around positive people, Exercise, Getting out into nature, going for a walk, Breathing, Grounding, Mindfulness, Float tanks and so on. incorporating as many of these different practices as you can will work towards replacing the cultural operating system. 

Then Terrance McKenna talks about how You are not naked when you take off your clothes you still wear your religious assumptions, your prejudices, your fears, your illusions, your dillusions. When you shed the cultural operating system then, essentially, you stand naked before the inspection of your own psyche and its from that position, a position outside the cultural operating system that we can begin to ask real questions about what does it mean to be human?