Knowing or Not Knowing at All

“There’s a ant in the street, you walk by it. Does the ant know that you think you’re smart?

The ant has no concept of your intelligence. Because you’re that much smarter than the ant ?. So maybe the ant has no idea that something smart is walking by it ?. Which makes me wonder whether we have any concept if a super species walked by us ?. Maybe or maybe not ? maybe they’re uninterested in us because we’re too stupid for them to even imagine having a conversation?. How often do you really walk by ants and go “ee I wonder what the ant is thinking.” This is just not a thought that you have?

So most would just presume We are so much smarter than a ant and that it has no way of even imagining our level of intelligence?  It might know enough to get out of the way so it doesn’t get squashed, but that’s about it?.

If we are that much smarter, that much more aware than the ant, then why couldn’t there be an organism somewhere in the universe that much smarter than us??

Perhaps we’ve encountered such a being and not even known it? Maybe something so intelligence has strolled right by Earth or even on earth right by your shoulder without us even realising??

So, how smart are we really?