The Awakening and Truth Movement

―  "A master will never tell anyone, I am fully awake, because then that would mean there is nothing else’s to learn" ―  Dan Harrison

We have always got to keep flowing, We have always got to keep growing, learning, experimenting, keep going out of our comfort zone, keep challenging ourselves and get in align with people that are align with what you are doing and been supportive. 

This experience of life is a gift.

The human body Is a gift

Be true to yourself

Force yourself to learn and grow

YES, there are going to be challenges but we need to embrace them

― Carlos Castaneda “Only as a warrior can one withstand the path of knowledge. A warrior cannot complain or regret anything. His life is an endless challenge, and challenges cannot possibly be good or bad. Challenges are simply challenges.” ― 

And a think what Carlos Castaneda is saying is embrace the journey of everything that is throwing our way

It's not about standing in a false conciseness bubble, there is so much deception going on in the world. A lot of people are attracted by the subconscious truth and the true remembrance of who we truly are, and there’s a lot more people becoming in tune with this fact, which is absolutely amazing however it only takes one emperor with no clothes on to divert us back to where we were.

Something that plays a huge role in our life which is very external and influences our lives every day, which is the government, the power to be or whatever else you want to call it.  We are constantly laid down to abide by laws and regulations, something very dependent for our society

or is it ????????????

Yes the government or powers to be are defiantly shaping our reality and have for ages, but however, a still think it is a conscious decision on our behalf and what a see in a lot, are people actually just trying to avoid their own reality. Yes.  We are still evolving and always will be, so then i think we have got to know how we can use that to our advantage, yes, we are being manipulated, yes, we are being lied to, but we need to increase our choices and increase our consciousness and for me that means looking at what I consume, how I even react to certain situations, who I let into my environment, what food I consume and much more.

So In a world with many fake laws, many fake rules, always remember the only law that really matters is Universal Law 

What is My Universal Law

In a world drowning in illusions and lies, there is absolutely nothing more powerful than the spread of real Truth. We are all responsible for the future of this planet, and the only way we can create a better one is through personal responsibility, followed by action and to all come together as one.

But even what I have been saying in this post and everything thing else I have said, done or wrote, i don’t just want people to accept what i'm saying, I want you to question me and go on your own journey. Make it your own and do your own research and that’s how you really do find yourself and will find your path.

Peace Dan