The Consciousness Warrior

I am going to give you a scenario to imagine.....................

Imagine one day, maybe in a different time, a different dimension, a different time, a different galaxy, a different world, inside a different consciousnesses or in a different reality we one day decided to all be Warriors of Consciousness.


Where ever our souls of existence were at that moment, we decided to embark on an incredible, journey, a journey across the plain of time. To visit a big beautiful blue planet full of life, energy, light, oceans and trees. Placed just right in between the sun, not too hot to burn, and not too cold to freeze. On this planet, it was a time imbalance, where there is a big tip of balancing just on the cusp of happening.  A time in history, to change the course of the human existence and the chance to enter this new sense of reality, a chance to change and heal the planet. A time to make a change within the current situation that has played out or unfolded.


This was a mission only the best consciousness warriors would be able to do. In known that when there energy force strikes the earth and is reborn again into a human form, he or she will have to regain everything Known of all the distractions, fear and anger they will face along the way. They would have to rediscover what they already knew or thought they knew and find the warrior again?


So now we have all accepted this journey, we wait for it to unfold 

Before the day where your journey is going to unfold, you cannot sleep as you know the next day you wake; you are going to one of the most beautiful places in the cosmos. You are so excited you ring your fellow consciousness warrior buddy and tell him, "Guess where I am going tomorrow brother, Where, The big Blue Planet", "me too bro, I will see you down there somewhere,"

"it is our purpose to be all Consciouness warriors" Daniel Harrison





"We are now living our life" or living the system? From a early age you just know deep down inside there is something more, there are questions unanswered.  Information hidden something else but you not quite sure what it is.


You start asking yourself questions you never asked your inner self. 

"What is my purpose?" 

"Where am I going?" 

"Who am I" 

"Why am I here".........and so on and on and on


If you feel the call to take action and stand up for the good of your body and mind it’s consciousness calling.  Are you just going sit there? Pretend you didn't hear it?

No doubt you’ve given all of this serious thought. And I know many of you have already activated and it’s absolutely beautiful. I’m proud to be associated with so many amazing, loving committed people. I think we just need to be adaptive and prepared for more. The cosmic winds are picking up and starting to gain momentum and the battlefield is becoming more fluid and real, more challenging and more demanding. The War on Consciousness is here


Are you going to awaken the conscious warrior? and let your real journey and purpose unfold ? 

Really hope you enjoyed my theory of the consciousness warrior.

One thing is for sure, we are all still trying to figure out what our real purpose is on this planet, but there is one thing for sure, We are all just trying to help humanity, reconnect back to mother nature and back on equal Libran with the earth, because we are loosing that, and a think aswell this current system is not going to last, it cannot, cause things that do not work cannot last. Always think out of the box and don't let anyone tell you what you can and can not  do and remember to enjoy the journey.

Peace My Consciousness Warriors Dan