Does a fish Know, They’re In Water ??

Does a fish Know, They’re In Water ??

This perspective-shattering idea is cited by many different people. I haven’t found a definite source, “A fish doesn’t know water is wet.”

Wetness is in one way all a fish knows. But because water is the base of the fish’s entire experience, it doesn’t know how wetness compares to other states. It has no non-wet point of reference from which to evaluate wetness.

Much in the same way, we are often totally unaware of the contexts that immerse us because they immerse us. The most influential things that frame our lives can go unnoticed. We are rarely analyse of the mediums through which we experience. Without a mirror, you can’t see your eyes.

Culture is a great example to demonstrate this. Experiencing culture shock is like a fish having an out-of-water-experience. When you encounter a way of life that rests on different assumptions than yours, it forces you to reexamine the assumptions you live by. You experience the world through filter's, filtered through your cultural operating systems. But you don’t realize you even have these assumptions until you open the new neural pathways in your mind and encounter a differnt way of operating from. Think about the contexts that immerse you. Your culture. Your family. Your mind and the way it functions. Your body and the way it feels. 

What is it that you cannot see because your immersed in it ?

How might you be blind to the processes through which you experience the world?

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash