The Body is The Filter For This Reality

Something i have asked myself on loads of occasions is" yes i know i am not my body, but why does it seem to be that there is this important connection that needs to take place between our consciousness and the body even though i know we inherently aren't the body ????.  

If you think you are only inside your skin and you define yourself as a little meat suit floating around on a big blue rock in space and you were nothing before and nothing after and we now we cut ourselves off from the thing before and after, you need to realise you are still the thing before and after. you are not just the meat suit on the big blue rock you are the thing before and after you are the everything. (This Quote below was similar to what i heard few years ago by Alan Watts)

So i have thought about the question above a lot and tried to answer below


We all know that life as we know it in this physical reality is absolutely dependant on the body. Lungs to breathe, heart to pump blood around the body, Gut to digest the food that supplies the body and mind nutrients. Without these, there is no life. Not only are humans dependant upon these for life, but even animals and plant life is likewise dependant upon similar functions for continued existence.

Your body is the first thing you make contact with and also the last thing. For instance, exiting the womb, an infant connects there life form into the body And behold, life on earth begins. Likewise, an old man gives a faint gasp, his last contact is made with the body and life on earth ends. From the first contact with the body of an infant, to the last gasp of a dying man, life is one long story of continued connection to the body.

Your body is with you for your whole life. We experience everything through it. It is the filter through which reality passes to become our perceptions. The state of your body affects the state of your reality as well as your state of mind. Bringing awareness to your body is the most important component that i am currently at now on my journey. I can tell you how to eat, i can tell you how to move, i can even tell you how to think, but if you tap into, hear and become your own awareness, You will be able to tell yourself how to do all the things above. This awareness can also transcend over to the whole human experience, from the way you look at somebody else to the way you view a leaf, to the way you view your reality.

Learn how to feel your body. Practice paying attention to it. More so than anything else, this skill can act as your physical compass. This compass can be developed by anyone, it just take's training your attention. Learn to pay attention to the quality of your breath, to the tension you build up in your head when you’re stressed, or the way your body feel's when you move. Ten to twenty minutes after eating, ask yourself how you feel. Is your stomach heavy; do you feel groggy, heavy or light? Do you still feel hungry? Do you feel well-energized and satisfied? Do the same thing after you exercise, sleep and even after engaging in a conversation with somebody

Your goal isn’t to mold your body into some idealized shape like pressing dough into a cookie cutter; your goal is simply to play with balance in the body you bring to the cushion, to feel how the sensations and energies in the body keep lightening up as the segments of the body keep lining up, one above the other.  (Quote below by Unknown)

Tracking the state of your body will give you the information you need to make healthy choices. Through learning how your body reacts to what you consume and the actions you take, you can discover what is good for your body. Your body is central to your quality of life. Take care of your body, and your body will help take care of you. Learn to pay attention to the signals from your body; make friends with the cells, neurons, fibres, bacteria, inner senses and sensory parts of your being. For some not finely understandable reason all these signals in the body seem to be the doorway to the seed of the self, the consciousness, a way to communicate to your true self, the real driver of your meat suit. Once you tap into, connect and open up these pathways and can now communicate with the consciousness, It will be one of the best things you ever do for yourself.

From the perspective of the world’s great spiritual traditions, our body not only brings needed information to the physical body, but it will also invigorate and activate’s the energy flow within our subtle and energetic bodies. With enough accumulation of energy absorption, new frontiers of awareness light up and the finer spiritual dimensions of interconnection emerge. Whatever we may believe about our body it is intimately connected with all aspects of our being. The Body is the vessel for our consciousness Manifested for consciouss expression and experience in the this reality. It is an integral part of one's nature, and experience. To align the body, the Soul, and spirit will allow you to No thyself and in that Expression serve others. 

Hope this piece of writing can inspire you to step into your own awareness.

Peace Dan